Data Recovery Cases

Case #1

Client at local San Antonio business opens email attachment containing a .zip file which installs CryptoLocker Malware on her computer workstation and within 16 hours the malware spreads across the companies computer network locking all data files on all servers and connected backup devices. The next day the company discovers they can no longer access their data, it has been encrypted and is being held for ransom, by criminals in Russia.

Because the client had a disaster recovery program in place, and the companies current data was backed up onto external hard drives, which were in a secure location and not connected to the company network.  San Antonio Computers and Networking was able to do a full clean of the bad data files, remove the CryptoLocker Malware and recover all of the clients data files from the external backups.  Enabling the client to continue in business within hours of discovering the encrypted company data files.

From this data recovery case we see the value of having not only server data backed up regularly on the network to protect from server hard drive failure, etc.  But also having a current back up of all company data files located off the network in case of physical disaster and/or this new form of ransom malware.

Case #2

San Antonio medical office contacted us when they discovered they could no longer access the companies accounting and medical records image files.  We discovered the computer had a hard drive dedicated as a data drive which failed, and all accounting Quickbook’s records and critical medical image files were on the failed drive.  Unfortunately they had no local copy of backed up company data files. But they had correctly setup Carbonite online backup service on this computer.  When we tried to recover the data files from Carbonite we discovered that the accountant had been out of the office for 4 weeks and that Carbonite only keeps data files online for a 30 day window. When the data hard drive failed no one in the office was aware, and Carbonite continued to over write the good data files with blank file copies.  So after 30 days the Carbonite file was blank with no data.

We were able to send the failed data hard drive off to a recovery lab and after a week and over $1,500 we received a full recovery of the clients data.

From this data recovery case we can see the value in having a current back up of all critical data files. If the client would have had a SACN Online Backup program in effect they could have saved a lot of time, money and unnecessary worrying over the lost data files.


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